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About the GCKG
The Georgia Custom Knifemakers' Guild is a non-profit entity dedicated to fostering and furthering the passion for custom knifemaking and related activities in Georgia. The Guild believes in promoting the craft through education and training and welcomes members of all skill levels.

Meeting News : Summer Guild Meeting Information
Posted by Saunders, Jamey on 2014/7/22 5:30:00 (26 reads)
Meeting News

From Andy:


The meeting at Dennis Bradley's is coming up quickly. I wanted to run down the demo’s with you all.

1. Adam Reese is going to show us clay tempering to get a hamon.

2. Paul Hamler is going to engrave a bolster for us (on the scholarship knife, a Dennis Bradley Paul Hamler project no less!)

3. Finally we’re looking to do a plunge finishing demo with more than one way to skin the cat. I’m going to show my way and Dennis Bradley will show how its done right. If anyone else has a method they’d like to show, please let me know. I belt finish mine for a convex grind. I’d sure like to see how to do that on a flat, and hollow.

Because my part of the demo is quick, I am going to bring a couple of mis-ground blades and show how the error occurred and how to fix it. Hopefully. Or, I’ll just be super frustrated because that happens just as often. If you have any blades you need fixed, or some recurring problem, bring something in. I’ll do my best to fix the error and show you how to avoid it. Remember that I can’t help you with hollow grinding or hollow ground blades. Never even tried one.

See y’all soon.

Thank You,

Andy Roy
Fiddleback Forge, Inc
115 Enterprise Drive, 115H
Cumming GA 30040

General News : Updated Guild By-Laws Available for Download
Posted by Saunders, Jamey on 2014/1/2 10:35:32 (301 reads)
General News

These are the Guild By-Laws, as updated in January, 2014.

Website News : Summer edition of Steel & Fire now available!
Posted by Saunders, Jamey on 2013/8/22 11:44:14 (490 reads)
Website News

This is the Summer edition of the GCKG Newsletter, Steel and Fire.


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