Our purpose:

  1. To educate and inform the public about knife making and metal work.
  2. To aid, assist and teach members helping to develop their skill level and how to promote their craft.
  3. To establish and follow Standards of Conduct and Workmanship.

Our History

In October 2003, about 20 forward thinking men and women met in Swainsboro to try to determine if there was enough interest and commitment to bring about a custom knifemakers’ guild in Georgia.

As the day progressed, the one idea that seemed to be in the heart of each person in the group was that “forming a guild for fun” was not what we wanted to do. Each person represented that day expressed a deep desire to promote the craft of knife making in Georgia by educating the public on knives and knife making; and to teach members-and others interested in the craft.

As craftsmen and craftswomen we understand that each person is at a different level in developing their skill. The goal of the Guild is to help each member increase their skill to the level they want to reach. We also pledge to adhere to and follow our Standards of Conduct and Workmanship. The Georgia Custom Knifemakers’ Guild meets quarterly. Meetings are held across the state at the homes & shops of members. At the meetings we have several different members demonstrate specific areas of interest to the group.

Members are also given opportunity to try their hand at accomplishing what was demonstrated. Visitors interested in knives and knife making are welcome to attend our meetings.

The Georgia Custom Knifemakers’ Guild has some of the finest knife craftsmen in the southeast along with nationally recognized leather craftsmen, engravers, and bladesmiths. We also have affiliate members that carry most of the supplies that would be needed to craft a knife, no matter what your level of skill.